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LFI Series 3000 Ceiling Systems

Vertical Flow Powered Module
(meeting up to Iso Class 4)

Series 3000 Ceiling Grid Modules
(Designed for 100% Ceiling Coverage)

LFI Walkable Stainless Steel
ISO 5 Ceiling Systems

Laminar Flow Inc. Series 3000 Module is designed to be installed in areas where a Classification of at least ISO CLASS 5 @ 0.3 microns must be achieved. The LFI Series 3000 is a self contained unit, available with many options including but not limited to; size, electrical configuration, and specific filter size use.


A completely self-contained system constructed of 16 & 14-gauge stainless steel, 304 or 316L, with a satin #4 finish. Each system incorporates "panelized construction" with internal welds only. Internal support structure welded into system. Threaded inserts welded into the corners for suspension of 1/2-13 threaded rod. A formed section is welded around the perimeter of all LFI Series 3000 for support of walls or curtain without penetrating the filter plenum. The entirely welded system ensures a completely self contained leak free unit.

The filter knife-edge is formed and continuously welded into the main unit that penetrates a perimeter downstream gel trough contained on the filter. The knife-edge is formed into the metal, with our unique one piece design. The blower section houses all controls, including but not limited to, photohelic gauge, on/off switches for lighting and blowers, low pressure audible and visual alarms. It is welded onto the filter plenum section, or can be mechanically fastened using weld studs for removal if necessary. The blower section shall have stainless steel support angles, welded in place for blower mount and support. Stainless steel internal baffles used as required to assure even airflow, each system is completely assembled into welded plenums and shipped ready to install. All internal wiring is complete and ready for consumer connection via a terminal strip located in the blower plenum. If the systems are dual voltage a separate terminal strips will be provided. Customer will install light fixtures (not applicable if system is equipped with recessed lighting, filters, and electrical tie-in to control panel or to the unit. All systems must fit through a 36"W X 96"H doorway.)


All controls are mounted in the blower plenum, (except when specified for a remote NEMA panel), and utilize, separately switched lights and blowers. Variable speed controls, dependant on voltages required. Motor starters fuses, terminal strips, and overload heaters are standard. Low pressure, alarms audible and visual, to indicate low pressure in the filter plenum area. Magnehelic or Photohelic gauges. All electrical components shall be UL approved and where applicable Allen- Bradley. Terminal strips utilize for customer connection of power. All electrical components are wired in accordance to UL specifications for control panels. A wide array of voltages and configurations are available, please consult with your representative.


Two types of lighting are available and both are located in-between the filter, this distance must be kept to an absolute minimum to aid in the return of Laminar Flow. (1) Stainless steel teardrop type BIAX fixtures are mounted to continuously welded channels between filters in a way as to not to penetrate the HEPA plenum. (2) Recessed BIAX fixtures, these channels shall also be continuously welded and completely sealed to the plenum by continuous welds. BIAX tubes are utilized; the tubes and sockets are contained behind a removable plastic prismatic diffuser of Plexiglas. Available voltages are; 115, 208/220 or 227. Teardrop light fixtures can also be mounted on the perimeter of the unit. Lighting intensity shall be 90- 100-foot candles 36" from the fixture.